Will Smith shocked fans when he revealed they would be able to book the home from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air via Airbnb. Now, Smith is showing potential guests what they'll experience if they choose to stay the night. 

On Monday, Smith shared a video on YouTube in which he gives a tour of the residence. Of course, the Fresh Prince couldn't fully drift through this sea of nostalgia without being accompanied by DJ Jazzy Jeff. Together, the pair showed how the home has been renovated into a time capsule that contains artifacts from both the show and Smith's career as the Fresh Prince.

The main bedroom imitates the room Will stayed in while living in the poolhouse with Carlton. It's lined with some of the iconic sneakers Will wore throughout the series as well as items from his Bel-Air Athletics clothing line. There are also DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince records and a mini-basketball hoop. 

After playing around in the home, Smith and Jazz were joined by the cast Fresh Prince. Will explained to them that the house is being turned into an Airbnb to celebrate the show's 30th anniversary. Bookings for the residence open on Tuesday and will only cost guests $30 a night.