Jason Momoa is demanding that Warner Bros. conduct a proper investigation into the allegations made by his Justice League co-star Ray Fisher, who said director Josh Whedon demonstrated "gross, abusive, unprofessional, and completely unacceptable" behavior toward of the cast and crew during reshoots.

Momoa acknowledges that Fisher is "speaking up about the shitty way we were treated," adding, "serious stuff went down."

Back in July, Fisher went public with these on-set allegations against Whedon, who filled in for Zack Snyder to complete the film, claiming his actions were enabled by producers Geoff Johns and Jon Berg. 

Warner Bros. announced Momoa would be starring in a live-action Frosty the Snowman film that was being produced by Johns and Berg, among others, the same day that Fisher came forward.

Warner Bros. launched an investigation into Fisher's claims through an independent firm, but he disputes the validity of their efforts, claiming they have been "cherry-picking interviewees" and "avoiding contacting key witnesses."

Momoa's involvement in Fisher's claims is a huge blow for Warner Bros., given his attachment to some of the studio's biggest upcoming projects, most notably the Aquaman franchise. Momoa will also star in the Denis Villenueve-directed blockbuster Dune, which will be released later this year.