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Since we're all probably in need of some wholesome content, Lisa Bonet is getting a lot of love on social media after her ex-husband Lenny Kravitz wished her current husband Jason Momoa a happy birthday on Saturday night.

"Happy Birthday Jason. One family. One love," Kravitz posted on Twitter, to which Momoa responded,"Love you ohana. Miss u."

Despite separating almost 20 years ago, Bonet and Kravitz still maintain a very healthy friendship, as evident here with Kravitz having a great relationship with her new husband as well. Bonet and Kravitz' daughter Zoë Kravitz also took to social media to wish Momoa a happy birthday, the two have a strong relationship with each other as well.

Social media had a ball after seeing that Kravitz wished Momoa a happy birthday, with many praising how well Lisa Bonet has been able to foster such a loving family unity and, well, for just being her because she is amazing. Check out some reactions to Lenny Kravitz birthday message and people just loving Lisa Bonet down below.