Originally launched last year, animated series Pass The Meerkat cropped up to pierce through the crowded podcast scene with a fresh take on the format.

Each week, the group of nine friends — Vish, Tim, Manny, GBengz, Pedro, Dej, Fabbz, Eman and Sheikh — come together for 15 minutes of conversation, jokes and skits, all of which are brought to life by their animation time. As with all good ideas, the concept is simple and the execution is precise.

The last season had four episodes, each with inspired titles — "Lips Her Harder", "No Dungarees, No Entry!", "Little Man, Big Dreams" and "Trims, Trials & Tribulations" — and focusing around a particular topic. Each episode starts with a jumping off point, but things usually take a detour with hilarious results. Now it's back for its second season and it's only getting better. 

Watch each episode below.

Episode 1: Hunger Games

For the first episode, Hunger Games, the nine friends decide that they need to work on their chat-up lines so they're not too rusty when lockdown is fully lifted. Taking turns in the roles of hopeful romantics and disinterested women, it doesn't take long before their competitive spirits take hold and they start to chip away at each other's egos.

Episode 2: Final Destination

For the second episode, Final Destination, the team share stories of their experiences on public transport and how hairy it can get sometimes. Thanks to a mixture of charm, quick thinking and mic skills, Eman, GBengz and Dej take it in turns explaining how they've escaped robberies, ticket fines and a situation that frankly defies explanation.

Episode 3: Free Willy

If the title alone was enough to make you smirk, then you're in the right place. This time they're talking about how to initiate sex with their girlfriends. Hilarious, uncomfortable and not the least bit sexy, this might be their best episode yet.

Episode 4: 9 Mile

This episode picks up where the boys finished last week: Tim's unbelievably awkward story of losing his virginity. Tim, you're a hero for telling that one on air.

Episode 5: Parent Trap

If parent-teacher night at school was a dark day for you, then this is going to ring very true. Dej, GBengz and Sheikh spill on their parents' funniest, and some cases most embarrassing, moments.

Episode 6: Hotel Poowanda

For the sixth and final episode there's a mystery afoot. GBengz and Pedro are on trial for a heinous crime and it's up to the rest of the boys to determine the guilty party. Full disclosure: it's gross. Funny, but gross.