The five-year-old Utah boy who went viral after he was pulled over going to California to buy a Lamborghini, got to drive around in an actual Lambo (again) and meet Jamie Foxx.

Adrian Zamarripa first made news last week after a Utah Highway Patrolman pulled him over in his parents' car driving down the interstate at 32 MPH. He had simply walked out of his house with keys and then gotten about three miles from home before his driving raised enough red flags to draw police attention. Also, he had three bucks on him.

The story got a decent amount of coverage, and also snagged the attention of celebrity/luxury car dealer RD Whittington, owner of the brand Wires Only. According to TMZ, Whittington brought Zamarripa and his family out to Los Angeles and let him sit around in a bunch of cars, including a Ferrari, a Hummer, and some others (there's video at the bottom). 

He also talked to Shaq and Lil Pump on FaceTime, and then got driven out to meet Foxx in real-life.