On Monday, a five-year-old boy who was heading to California for the purpose of buying a Lamborghini was pulled over on the interstate while still in Utah.

That's pretty much the whole story. But, for those who need things explained more thoroughly, here's an attempt at doing that. 

At roughly 12:15 p.m. a highway patrol trooper in Utah was in the process of tracking down a speeder; but instead he re-prioritized after he came across a vehicle he believed was being driven by someone who was either: A.) Impaired or B.) Going through a medical emergency. The reason behind this according to the officer, Lt. Nick Street, is that the driver was going 32 mph in a stretch with a speed limit of 70. 

"There’s a curve in the road and he was kind of having a hard time making the curve," Street said to Buzzfeed News.

The trooper then proceeded to pull the SUV over. And when he got out and walked to the driver's side he found a little kid, about to cry, sitting on the seat's edge with both feet planted on the brake. 

The policeman got him to turn off the engine, and then was told by the child that his intent was to drive to California to buy a Lambo. 

According to the Highway Patrol's Twitter account, the kid had three dollars at the time:

Dash cam video shows the traffic stop came after the slow-moving and swerving vehicle went across several lanes without using any signals. 

After the back-and-forth that we already wrote about, the trooper had a few more questions for the boy, asking, "How old are you? You’re 5 years old? Wow, OK. Where did you learn how to drive a car?"

The boy's answer to that question can not be heard.

Despite what that tweet above says, Street claims that the Highway Patrol agency incorrectly stated the child fled home following an argument with his mom. Instead, Street says that the kid's parents were both at work, and that an older teenage sibling was supposed to be watching him when the youngster simply took the keys and drove away.

The eventual pull-over occurred only a few miles from his home.  

As it currently stands, the highway patrol is working in tandem with the local county attorney to decide whether or not to file charges against the child's parents. 

That definitely sucks but, unless he's your kid, that's not really your problem. So instead of sweating it out until they make their decision, you can watch the pull-over (from the perspective of the dash cam) below: