Season 2 of The Mandalorian is still months away from uploading its premiere to Disney+, and yet creator and showrunner Jon Favreau is reportedly hard at work on Season 3. Given that successful shows don't usually call it a wrap after two seasons (especially when the first one was just eight episodes long) this shouldn't come as a huge shock, but in an era where a lot of shows are getting delayed due to production shutdowns (which is leading to built up backlogs) it's still nice to hear something positive. 

Speaking of that, The Mandalorian is reported to have finished filming their second season in early March, just slightly before the coronavirus directly struck the entertainment industry. With social distancing guidelines in place, post-production for the season is being conducted remotely.

Recently, it was also reported that Rosario Dawson would have a guest-starring role in the second season, as Anakin Skywalker's apprentice, Ahsoka Tano, who you may be familiar with if you watched the animated Clone Wars series. 

At the moment, that run looks on track for its October debut date, meaning you can fill that gaping void in your life with Baby Yoda if you can hold out that long: 

In addition to that fairly concrete Season 2 news, Variety is reporting that Favreau has been writing for the third season "for a while." Simultaneously, the art department has spent "the past few weeks" putting together concepts for the third go-round. 

“We’ve just started pre-production and are looking into further adventures for the Mandalorian in Season 3,” said a source to Variety

A different source said the production design department started up work on Monday, April 20 (fancy way of saying yesterday), and said that it's necessary because the department needs "such a huge lead time." 

Keep your eyes peeled for future updates.