UPDATED 3/18, 5:20 p.m. ET: Tori Spelling took to Instagram, where she apologized for her offensive post. 

“She is innocent and didn’t mean anything by it," Spelling wrote. "I should have thought about how it could have been perceived and misconstrued before I posted. I did not. I’m truly sorry.”

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TV personality and actress Tori Spelling has landed herself in hot water after sharing an insensitive photo on social media. Since she's currently under self-quarantine on account of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, Spelling said she had decided to "get creative" with the company of her children.

"Days kept inside we have to get creative... Hattie has become McQuisha in her cheeto extension nails," wrote Spelling over an Instagram Stories post of her daughter dressed as a racist caricature.

Needless to say, it didn't take long for people to respond to the post, which many have understandably called offensive. The comments on her Instagram and in the replies on Twitter have been particuarly harsh in response.

Spelling has yet to comment on the response, but the post is no longer available to see on her IG Stories. Many criticized the post because she had projected her problematic idea onto her 8-year-old child, who otherwise wouldn't know much better.

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