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Following the launch of Fortnite Chapter 2 last October, a new season is finally here. Developer Epic Games first started to tease the arrival of the season on Monday, releasing the extensive update on Thursday.

In a cinematic, Epic showcased the spy-oriented theme of the season, which forces players to join one of two sides, Ghost or Shadow.

As with previous updates, the map has received an overhaul and there's a lot of fresh skins. A new spy based called the Agency sits at the center of the map, while an oil rig has also been added just southwest of Slurpy Swamp. Among the most noteworthy of updates is a Deadpool skin, which fans can acquire through a secret list of objectives in the battle pass. Additionally, Epic revealed a revamped physics system.

Despite all the success the battle royale game has garnered, it was recently reported Fortnite's popularity is in decline. CNET notes the game brought in $1.8 billion in revenue last year, but by December the game didn't even crack the top 10 revenue-generating games on PC. It was, however, the sixth highest-performing game on consoles. 

Epic Games appears to be giving Fortnite a huge overhaul for Chapter 2 Season 2. With the introduction of a new story surrounding the game, the inclusion of Deadpool, a reworking of the map, and plenty of gameplay improvements, players are still stoked about the long-awaited new season. It is expected to run until April 30, at which point fans can expect Chapter 2 Season 3.

The arrival of the new season comes just after Ninja, the most famous Fortnite gamer in the world, lashed out against people saying "it's just a video game." As he said in the now viral rant, "If anyone ever uses the excuse, 'It's just a game,' I'm gonna lose my mind." He continued, "Imagine telling LeBron James, Tom Brady that when they're pissed off after losing a game that it's just a game. ... It's so much bigger than a fucking video game. Anybody that ever uses the excuse 'It's just a game' is a horrible human being and is lazy." 

The battle pass will set users back 950 V-Bucks, or roughly $10. See what Twitter had to say about the new season below.