We've gotten another glimpse into what Robert Pattinson’s Batsuit will look like in The Batman.

A stunt double donned the suit for a screen test in Glasgow, Scotland, Uproxx reports. Photos that were taken on set also reveal a lot of never-before-seen elements for fans to study.

A detailed image of the suit’s chest symbol appears to verify the theory that Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne constructed it from the gun that was used to murder his parents. Goggles can be seen in the mask’s eyeholes, though that could be because they’re filming motorcycle stunts in the rain. The ears also might be the shortest pair that Batman has worn, though this could also be because the man wearing it is doing stunts.

Image via Getty/Andrew Milligan - PA Images

Then there’s the Batcycle, which, according to Uproxx, seems to be inspired by Scott Snyder’s Zero Year story in the comic version of Batman.

That narrative portrayed Batman as cruising around Gotham on a dirt bike, which included a Bat-shield like the one in the image. The Batcycle looks to be a more sensible version of Christian Bale’s Batpod from the Dark Knight trilogy.

Image via Getty/Andrew Milligan - PA Images

Oh, and here's a video of the Batcycle in action. Watch until the end, it's worth it. 

There’s also Batman’s gauntlets, which are a deviation from prior Batsuits. In this iteration, Batman won’t run out of lethal spikes for his enemies.

Batman also has his classic utility belt, replete with gadgets and gizmos.

Image via Getty/Andrew Milligan - PA Images

Earlier this month, direct Matt Reeves shared a camera test for Robert Pattinson's new Batsuit, showing fans what the Batman's uniform will look like on the big screen.