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The Child from Disney+ series The Mandalorian, otherwise lovingly named Baby Yoda, already has most successful Funko Pop! figure of all-time. In a since-deleted video on Funko's Twitter account, art director Reis O'Brien revealed the figure has broken pre-order records.

"It's bananas," said O'Brien. Prior to the announcement of the figure, he said that the company was given design specs before the episodes even aired. They did not, however, get to see the show early. "They've got to guard spoilers. They've got to keep secrets," he added. "As far as story points go, we get nothing." He didn't reveal how many units the figure has sold so far, but as of right now it's on track to match the Baby Dancing Groot Funko Pop! from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

After the demand for plushies and figures of the highly memeable Baby Yoda sky-rocketed, Disney and Funko revealed the Child figure in December. Disney kept details regarding the character under wraps and didn't want to spoil it for fans, which explains why no such merch was available in time for the holidays. 

In the wake of all the popularity Baby Yoda received, many Etsy sellers were making bootleg items depicting the character. Disney was quick to stamp down on the sellers, who had been making everything from t-shirts to homemade plushies. The first official merch arrived near the end of November, just weeks after the show premiered on Disney+.