Every Star Wars fan would love to cast a new Jedi integral to whatever comes next for the sci-fi fantasy series, but few would go so far as to make a concept trailer. Unless you're YouTuber Stryder HD, who created a trailer featuring Keanu Reeves as a Jedi master in a future film.

In the clip comprised of footage from other Star Wars films and some of Reeves' performances, the fan-made trailer shows what a movie adaptation of the 2003 RPG Knights of the Old Republic might look like. It's obviously not fully convincing, but it does show that Reeves would be more than capable of taking on such a role. With his resurgence in popularity thanks to the John Wick franchise, Disney should be paying close attention.

When the trailer started to make the rounds on Twitter, Star Wars fans expressed their excitement at the idea.

Of course, this isn't the first time fans have begged Disney to cast Keanu Reeves in a Star Wars film.

There's even been a petition for Disney to make a Knights of the Old Republic film starring Reeves. It's safe to say the fans have spoken, but whether Star Wars fans would actually like the finished project is another story. There's always the hope Reeves might show up in the second season of The Mandalorian, though.

Watch the fan-made trailer above.