It's Friday afternoon. Let's jump into it. 

In a new meme being dubbed the "Dolly Parton Challenge," meme-ers are putting in their latest viral efforts by demonstrating their range across social media platforms.

Depending on your age, you usually only need to see 5/10/15 examples to sort of pin down the gist of what people are looking for, but this one's pretty easy even by meme standards.

The tough part is finding corresponding pictures to complete the mosaic.

As it sits, people are looking for images showing them at their most professional (LinkedIn), family-friendly (Facebook), photogenic (Instagram) and horniness-inducing (Tinder). 

Here's an example from the septuagenarian whose name is officially associated with the contest that will ultimately win you nothing, but is still fun.

See? Not real hard to get. Now here's a bunch of other examples from people ranging from famous to very famous:

There's still time if you want to get in on this.

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