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Netflix's docuseries on Aaron Hernandez and his trial for the murder of Odin Lloyd has put the former Patriots player back in the spotlight. The three-part series put a heavy focus on the rumors regarding Hernandez's sexuality, and his fiancée isn't thrilled about how the topic was broached. In a recent interview with ABC News' Amy Robach, Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez said that he never indicated to her that he wasn't straight.

"If he did feel that way, or if he felt the urge... I wish that I was told," Jenkins-Hernandez tearfully explained in a clip of the interview, which aired Wednesday on Good Morning America. "I wish that he would have told me, cause I would not have loved him any differently. I would have understood. It's not shameful, I don't think anybody should feel shameful for who they are inside, regardless of who they love." 

Asked if there was any part of the documentary that shouldn't have been included, she focused on the topic of his sexuality. "You can't describe someone's sexuality without them being there," she added. "Although I have a child with Aaron, I still can't tell you how he was feeling inside. No one can." Hernandez, who was convicted of first-degree murder in 2015, was later found dead in prison after apparently hanging himself in his cell. Jenkins-Hernandez has addressed the rumors of his sexuality in the past, and previously said she wouldn't have "disowned him" if he came out to her.

Prior to his suicide, a high school teammate of Hernandez's said that the Patriots player had numerous homosexual relationships. Recorded phone calls also indicated that he would commonly go on "homophobic rants," and that he once admitted he was attracted to men and it made him "angry."

Netflix's Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez featured an interview with the teammate, Dennis Sansoucie, whom Jenkins-Hernandez said she knew of but didn't know very well. "[He was] certainly a man to me," she continued. "There was no behavior that made me think differently." During the interview she also indicated that she still believes he was innocent.