On Monday, Vanna White started her three-week run replacing Pat Sajak as the host of Wheel of Fortune, marking the first time that she will assume hosting duties in her 37 years working on the TV game show. 

Wheel of Fortune announced last month that White would make the move from the big letter board to host after the program's longtime host Pat Sajak needed to undergo emergency surgery to correct a blocked intestine. According to the New York Times, White switched places for one round in 1996 when Sajak was dealing with laryngitis, however, Vanna has never been at the helm for an entire episode. 

When the time finally came for White to host Wheel of Fortune, she was admittedly nervous. "Oh, my gosh, that's an understatement," she said. "I was very nervous." However, it never really showed. There was one instance where she read the wrong amount on her spin of the wheel. "Oh no, I'm looking at the wrong arrow," she said, before jokingly asking, "How do you do this show?" 

Her first show ended with Vanna awarding Raychel with a $37,000 prize in the Bonus Round, a serendipitous amount considering it took 37 years for White to get her first opportunity as a host.   

In the final week of Vanna's run as host, a surprise person will be taking over her job, but it will not be revealed until the episode airs.