Actor Dean-Charles Chapman played Tommen Baratheon, the youngest of Jaime and Cersei Lannister's twincest babies on Game of Thrones. Now he's slated to be one of the co-leads in the war film 1917.

While promoting the movie, Chapman was asked about the GoT series finale. Though he stopped watching the show after his character died in Season 6 in 2016 and was memorialized as a meme, he did tell Variety that playing Tommen has led to some interesting encounters with Thrones fans.

One of the more curious interactions has been with a viewer who wanted to fight him after recognizing him as Tommen. Chapman remembers around the 4:35 mark, “He was like, ‘I really hate you. I want to punch you right in the face.’ And my mates were like, ‘Whoa whoa whoa.’ But that's the thing with the Game of Thrones fans, they are so dedicated. I guess that's like a good thing as well, like [fans are] so sucked up into the characters and stuff, they either genuinely hate you or they love you.” 

For those who haven't gotten enough of Game of Thrones, the show's home video release of Season 8 shouldn't be missed, with bonus features providing insight into the HBO hit's final run. The release also boasts a behind-the-scenes doc titled Duty Is the Death of Love and audio commentary from Emilia Clarke and the showrunners, all focusing on the final episode “The Iron Throne.”

The World War I film 1917—which was shot to look like one continuous take—releases on Dec. 25

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