Tucked into a new interview with Kim Kardashian are some thoughts from the White House frequenter on what she describes as "the era of cancel culture."

The Vulture chat with Jonathan Van Meter, out Monday, sees Kardashian reflecting on the impact her 2016 Paris robbery had on how she views what "really mattered" to her now. From there, she was asked about progressive members of the public's general disgust with billionaires. 

"Yeah, well, I think lately people are just mad a lot in general," Kardashian, who also discussed her recent Kimono controversy, said. "The era of cancel culture? It's not really a real thing. They say it, and it doesn't happen. I've always believed in second chances and not canceling people. It's really a weird time."

Kardashian brought up the topic of canceling again when met with an inquiry about younger generations' search for authenticity on social media, with the interview pointing to their "distrust" of fakeness.

"But it's kind of like they're searching for authenticity, and then sometimes, when they get it, they want to cancel it," she said.

Speaking on the criticism she received for the since-renamed Kimono line, Kardashian affirmed that she and her team were not intending to craft controversy for publicity's sake, having instead simply not given enough thought to the original name.

"After the fact, [Kendall Jenner] was saying to me, 'But I was so confused by the name Kimono because it’s, like, are you selling kimonos? You're selling underwear,'" she recalled. "And I was like, 'I just didn't even put two and two together.' I thought, I love the name Kimono. And not one retailer, not one person we went to, said that they thought we might have a problem, including my friends and business partners, some of whom are Asian."

Kardashian also shared some thoughts about the Rodney Reed case, working with the late Karl Lagerfeld, her appreciation for the American rock band Hole, her intention to also "have an amazing relationship with the next president," and more. Read the full thing here if you're so inclined.

As many have already pointed out, fans of Kris Jenner may also find something to enjoy: