Recently, Kim Kardashian has used her celebrity and influence to bring light to the issues with America's criminal justice system. During an interview with Today on Monday, Kim explained that becoming a mother of black sons has helped motivate her to make the world better for people that look like her children. 

"I definitely see how black men are treated in this country…and I’m raising two black men," Kardashian told Today's Jenna Bush Hager. "So I want to make sure that my world and their world is as safe and as fair as possible."

Kim Kardashian has been working closely with criminal justice organizations in an effort to free wrongly convicted inmates. Her latest victory came on Friday when it was revealed that the execution of Texas inmate Rodney Reed had been suspended. Several celebrities rallied to prove Reed's innocence including Kardashian. Kim says that she was with Reed when he found out that he wouldn't be executed. 

"When we got the news it was just this overwhelming sigh of relief and hope that really filled the room," she recalled. "It was extremely emotional, and he said, ‘Praise Jesus’ … I could just feel his soul when he said that." 

Kim doesn't want to just be a celebrity face for this movement. Kardashian announced she would be following in her father's footsteps by studying the law. She knows changing America for her kids is a task that she can't do alone, so she's hoping the millions of people who follow her life and influence will join in the fight for justice reform. 

"When you become a mom, you become so protective. ... You want to hopefully make their world the most perfect place ever, and ours obviously isn’t," Kardashian said. "I really think attention can help. They say it takes a village, but really it takes a country."