Bella Hadid and the Weeknd have had an on-off relationship since 2015, first splitting in late 2016 and then again earlier this year following a 2018 reunion. After the couple split just over two months ago, E! News reports that they have decided to give it a shot once again.

A source close to Hadid explained that she celebrated her Birthday on Thursday in New York City, and she was spotted taking shots of tequila at a bar with the Weeknd. "Abel met up with Bella last night for her third birthday celebration at L'Avenue," the source explained. "He was with her the entire night and they left together to go back to the apartment they both shared."

The source added that the two looked "definitely in love" and were "very happy being around each other." Their split in August was reportedly over "distance," likely down to the busy nature of their lives. "Bella and Abel have been in touch the last couple of weeks and have been working on their relationship," the source said. "Initially, Abel reached out to Bella first checking in to say hello, and she agreed to meet up with him."

When the two of them met up, there was allegedly "no love lost," although they are currently attempting to keep the rekindled relationship "on the down low." Another source claimed that the two were together on Bella Hadid's birthday on Wednesday, with her leaving the Miss Lily's venue via the Weeknd's car.

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