Let the Streaming Wars commence. This Friday (November 1, 2019), Apple TV+ will make its grand entrance (to the tune of $4.99 a month) into the ever-crowded arena of original programming, with Disney+ not far behind it on November 12. To convince you to add their streaming service to the growing list (or perhaps, drop one in favor of them), Apple clearly spared no expense. There are at least seven series on the docket, and the slate runs the gamut as far as genre, talent (both in the writer's room and in front of the camera) and scope—they freaking lured Jennifer Aniston and Steve Carell back to television. And on the same show, even!

But did all of that money produce any compelling stories worthy of splitting your attention from the HBOs, Netflixs, Hulus and whatever else we're all watching in Peak TV? Four of the series drop this week, among them a dystopian future series, a network drama, an alt-history space-race tale, and an imagining of one of the greatest literary figures of all time's formative years. We watched them all, to tell you if you should. Hit the flip for Complex's first impressions of what Apple TV+ has to offer.

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