Trump was rather accurately christened a "pussy ass bitch" Sunday night following his latest round of preposterous Twitter babblings. 

As should be expected from the Trumpism era by now, it all started with the former Apprentice host and resident dingbat apparently getting his feelings hurt after an MSNBC broadcast failed to sprinkle in some undue praise in his general direction.

Reliably vocal Trump critic John Legend was a guest on the town hall-style segment in question, which centered on the still-broken criminal justice system here in the States. Amid multiple reactionary tweets, Trump called Legend a "boring musician" and—despite the fact that she was not a part of the broadcast in question—went out of his way to refer to Chrissy Teigen as Legend's "filthy mouthed wife," whatever the fuck that means.

I won't further destroy your brain by typing out any more of Trump's tweeted nonsense, opting instead to embed the tweets themselves below:

From there, Legend responded by marveling at the fact that a POTUS actually spends his time "hate-watching MSNBC" in search of having his ego stroked. He also advised Melania Trump, who's married to this Donald guy, that her country needs her to offer up some of the praise he's fruitlessly seeking through hate-watching.

Teigen, meanwhile, took the proverbial cake with the "pussy ass bitch" designation:

Artfully, this has since given rise to a downright glorious hashtag that you should absolutely spend time enjoying below and/or on actual Twitter:

It's only Monday and we're already off to a great start. 

On a more serious note, Legend's MSNBC appearance is indeed worth a watch: