Aaron Paul has mercifully shared a proper trailer for El Camino, the new and totally-shot-in-secret Breaking Bad movie that's now mere weeks away.

The two-minute glimpse gives us the most in-depth look at the story yet, with Paul's Jesse Pinkman reuniting with two old friends and dealing with the ramifications of a life he's now—temporarily, at least—escaped.

El Camino is out Oct. 11 on Netflix and in select theaters. Catch the new trailer up top.

Back in 2017, during a harrowing period of time in which a Breaking Bad movie was in no way realistically expected to become a thing that actually exists, Paul spoke with The Off Camera Show's Sam Jones about the understandably intense methods he initially enlisted in order to align himself with such a well-written character.

"When I was on the streets, I was talking as Jesse, I was chain-smoking, bumming cigarettes off of like crackheads or giving crackheads cigarettes," he recalled. "And, you know, [co-star Bryan Cranston] in the second season, I think he may have just noticed I was exhausted one day or just super beat-up and he goes, 'You know, Aaron, it's OK at the end of the day to take off your wardrobe and wash your makeup off and be yourself.'"

Though that advice proved fruitful for Paul, he still felt a deep emotional attachment to Jesse Pinkman that remains thriving to this day.

"I loved him," he said. "I love that kid so much. I cared for him. To me, he felt like a real person." 

El Camino, rightfully, is directed by series creator Vince Gilligan and picks up moments after the events of the Breaking Bad series finale. Hopefully, Pinkman—and, by extension, Aaron Paul and a legion of fans—can find some closure in wherever Gilligan and company have decided to take the story following the death of Walter White, a.k.a. Heisenberg.