Three decades on from its TV debut, the effects of Seinfeld's inspired take on nothingness remain quite obviously ingrained in the mainstream. Friends, meanwhile, may not be a longstanding critical darling like Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld's creation but similarly remains a heavily watched show in the streaming era.

Now, in the fitting spirit of nothingess, a full-blown debate has erupted in which the two NBC series have been pitted against each other.

For anyone who wisely follows @Seinfeld2000 on Instagram and/or Twitter, the Seinfeld vs. Friends battle isn't exactly a new thing. 

Additionally, such a debate hilariously boasts the dual characteristics of having a very obvious answer and an overarching air of ridiculousness given that it's perfectly reasonable to enjoy two different shows at once.

Still, none of that stands a chance at stopping the debate from raging on:

With a sea change ahead for the streaming market, including the impending launch of a new NBCUniversal app, Seinfeld star Jason Alexander recently got filmed being bothered by a TMZ person and was asked for his thoughts on the presumably massive amount of money at play regarding a new home for Costanza and company.

"None of that goes to me, so . . . May the best man win, but I'm not the best man," Alexander said, adding some additional insight on the still-going-strong impact of the Show About Nothing. "I can't believe it's still out there making people happy, so as long as people can get to it, power to 'em," he said.

Anyway, if you or someone anyone in your personal circle has even remotely suggested that they consider Friends to be superior to Seinfeld, experts recommend a top-to-bottom overhaul of your entire life.