Ever wanted to relax and shuffle episodes of the timeless classic Seinfeld using a button named after one of the Larry x Jerry art piece's most memorable catchphrases? Now you can, thanks to the beloved comedy's current streaming home.

As The Hollywood Reporter kindly informed the people earlier this week, the 30th anniversary of the show is being celebrated via the Hulu app on Apple TV set-top boxes with a "Yada Yada Yada" shuffle feature. If you're not immediately familiar with the yada yada yada reference, feel free to log off.

The shuffle option will be fully rolled out July 5, with added anniversary features such as themed episode collections and a "Beginner's Guide" for newcomers. Here's what that will look like:

On July 5, 1989, the inaugural episode of Seinfeld hit television and ultimately became what many consider the GOAT sitcom. Looking back on its critical and commercial success in a 2018 discussion on the series finale, Jason Alexander (George Costanza) affirmed his assessment that the last episode marked a "very appropriate" close for the characters.

"I love that Larry found a way for everybody that was meaningful for us to come back," he told Variety. "I love that the last line of the episode was the first of line of the pilot." Earlier this year, Alexander broached the topic of the Seinfeld finale again whilst sending words of encouragement to the cast of Game of Thrones.

For added anniversary deep-dives, consult our series screenwriters–assisted exploration of some of the show's most iconic locales, not to mention this bold ranking of the finest episodes. 

Some upcoming streaming moves could potentially have an impact on where we enjoy Seinfeld. Until then, Hulu's the spot.

In April, reports said Netflix was testing a shuffle feature. “The shows being tested with the new feature appear to be those that people choose when they don’t know what else to watch, like The Office, New Girl, Our Planet, Arrested Development and others,” TechCrunch wrote.

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