When the first trailer for the 16th season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians dropped, it became immediately apparent that the controversy that involved Tristan Thompson and Jordyn Woods was going to be chronicled. Now, a clip from an upcoming episode which covers the incident has surfaced.

At the beginning of the above clip, Kim received a phone call from Larsa Pippen, who tells her that a news reporter is about to run the scandalous story. "I was getting ready for my interviews, literally the same thing as the first time. My friend Larsa called me to explain that a reporter that she knows was about to write a story that Jordyn and Tristan were at his home late [at] night until seven in the morning, making out."

A skeptical Kim proceeded to get Kourtney and Khloé on the phone, as the latter stated, "I talked to Jordyn. It's really weird, she's not giving me all the information. She was like, 'He was trying to kiss me, and I can't remember if we did or we didn't.'" After Kylie Jenner, who was close friends with Jordyn, was added to the conference call, Khloé continued, saying "She says she was in between his legs, and she said she can't remember if they kissed."

She added that she gave the accused some time to gather herself. "I said, 'If you are too nervous to tell me something you can text me,' and she said, 'OK. I'll call you in five minutes.' She hasn't called me and that was 20 minutes ago."

In another clip, below, Kylie shares her first reaction to the situation. "I called [Jordyn] and she didn't really say anything. She was just like, you know crying the whole time. And I was just telling her, 'I'm like scared of you now. Like, you're capable of waking up the next morning with a smile on your face.' ... Like, 'You weren't thinking about True, not Khloé, not me. But you weren't thinking about yourself, like, look what you did.' You could do whatever, but when it affects my family, me, then that's when it's a problem.'"

As the episode premieres June 23, Woods recently spoke with Kevin Frazier of ET to provide her feelings on the event being covered at length on the show. "Everyone has their truth and their story, so you just go with it. Everyone has the right to speak their truth," she said, adding, "Hopefully, like myself, and the real me will shine."

The 21-year-old model also said she has been "staying busy, staying positive and just working. I don't think I've ever been more busy."

She also wishes to put this incident behind her. "Life moves on. Money doesn’t stop. The world doesn't stop," she said. "And hopefully, everyone is just, you know, going forward."