Hot Ones, which is by some assessments the only talk show that matters, enjoyed a full-blown Tonight Show crossover event Tuesday night.

Host and recent Olive Garden-initiated food connoisseur Jimmy Fallon was joined at a makeshift Hot Ones set by one of the evening's Tonight Show guests, The Dead Don't Die star Selena Gomez.

"Have you ever seen this show on YouTube called Hot Ones?" Fallon asked his guest, who confirmed she had indeed not been tuned into the exponentially hotter wings experience. "It's a great show, it's really funny." Instead of the traditional cup of milk favored by Hot Ones guests, Fallon had a Stanley Cup-sized container of milk wheeled out in case of a heatmergency.

Discussion-wise, Sean Evans hit Fallon with some questions about an infamous accidental buffalo sauce head-dumping and had Gomez break down the "enduring allure" of the Hooters dining experience. Catch the full Hot Ones x Tonight Show crossover up top.

Recent guests on the main Hot Ones show have included Halle Berry, Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen, and the Jonas Brothers. The latter episode saw the trio looking back on their years spent throwing down in the pit at MXPX shows.