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Before being outed as a serial sex offender and getting sent to prison, Bill Cosby was hailed as one of America's favorite dads. While the world now knows  what lurked behind that persona, Cosby is reportedly still playing the part by dishing out parenting advice to his fellow inmates. 

A rep for the comedian, Andrew Wyatt, disclosed to TMZ that for the last three months, Cosby has been working closely with a group called "Man Up." The program helps inmates destined to be paroled by providing life lessons that will help them stay out of trouble and reintegrate into society. Cosby does his part by giving at least four lectures a week to roughly 100 inmates. According to reports, Cosby is urging the men to "lead by example." Cosby reportedly hopes his lectures will help prisoners become better father. He also provides interviewing tactics that will assist inmates in finding post-prison jobs, as well as tips on fighting substance abuse. Like his character, Cliff Huxtable, these lessons are accompanied with comedic antics to help make his lectures more palatable. 

Although the program might resonate with the inmates, it's hard to imagine Cosby's public persona ever being fixed. In 2018, Cosby was sentenced to 3-10 years in prison for the 2004 drugging and molesting of Andrea Constand. Constand was just one of the many women who accused Cosby of sexually assaulting them. On top of these allegations, Cosby's behavior in court was a stark juxtaposition from the lovable personas he portrayed over the years. Some critics think that Cosby is trying to revitalize this image in hopes to re-brand his career. Social media pounced recently, when he declared himself "America's Dad" on Father's Day.