In an age where everything is digital, a lot of people who grew up in the age of readily available internet have never had to really reckon with a clock that wasn't digital. While it might seem crazy, Jimmy Kimmel decided to put a number of teenagers up to the test by asking them to tell the time on an analog clock. As one might expect, it didn't go so well.

"When I was a kid, you'd learn in school how to tell time, they'd have the thing with all the clocks and you had to write the time," Kimmel said. "But now we all have phones and we just look at it and we know. It made me wonder if young people even know how to tell the time anymore."

In "Can You Do It?"—one of the show's recurring segments filmed on the street in L.A.—a member of Kimmel's crew pointed to an analog clock and asked what time it was. "Oh no," the first person responded. Pretty much everyone was far off the correct answer, and when asked if it was AM or PM they were truly stumped. Who needs big round clocks when you have an iPhone? 

Watch the segment above, then make sure your own clock-reading skills are up to par. Please.