With Disney's live-action Aladdin adaption hitting theaters later this week, Will Smith stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to talk about the movie. As expected, he also had plenty of interesting stories to do with his family, particularly son Jaden and wife Jada Pinkett Smith. During the chat he spoke about what it's like to watch Red Table Talk and he also finally explained Jaden's much-talked about prom outfit from 2015.

"So Jaden decided he was going to wear a white Batman suit to prom," Smith explained. His date to prom told her father, at which point Will and Jada "got the emergency call." He continued, "Her father's like, 'Hey, guys, Jaden just informed Mecca that he's going a Batman suit to her prom. I'm just calling you guys for a little help here.' Jada said, 'Sir, Listen, I am really sorry. But here's the truth, just tell her uninvite him.' It was like, no problem with this family. Jaden is not a prom date kind of kid."

After the phone call, Will attempted to talk to his son to persuade him not wear the suit to prom. "He said, 'Dad, I'll compromise I'll wear a tie. And he ended up putting a tie over the Batman suit," he added. "And the next day he comes in and shows me he was trending No. 1, Jaden Smith with the Batman suit at the prom, and No. 2 was Isis. He looked at me and he said, 'Dad, I agree with you something's wrong with the world, but it's not me.'"

As for his thoughts on Red Table Talk, which he called "fantastic," he said that sometimes he finds it difficult to watch due to the subject matter. "They sit down, and it's really wide open, raw conversation across the generations about a cornucopia of topics," he said of the show. "Porn addiction I think was [a] topic. Yeah there was one of those. They all go into a blur, you know."

Watch his appearance on Kimmel above.