Louis C.K. is making a great effort to test new stand-up material without anyone leaking it, IndieWire reports.

After five women came forward in 2017 to accuse Louis C.K. of sexual harassment, the 51-year-old comedian took a step back from his career. However, he began resurfacing at comedy clubs in 2018. Now, C.K. has asked Minneapolis’ Acme Comedy Co. to help implement a cell phone ban during his forthcoming four-night run at the club.

Legalese pertaining to C.K.’s cell phone ban surfaced on Saturday, and the comedian’s use of the word “consent” raised some eyebrows. The language drew a connection to accusations made in a November 2017 New York Times article, which detailed a few incidents where C.K. exposed himself to female comedians without approval. C.K.’s notice, coupled with the absence of a valid public apology from the comedian, further calls him into question.

C.K. will be using YONDR pouches, which have a tamper-proof seal that guarantees audience members can hold onto their phones but can’t record or photograph his event. C.K.’s notice also seems to encompass a threat of legal action pertaining to social media posts. “The Materials may not be copied, translated, transmitted, displayed, distributed, or reproduced verbatim,” would appear to indicate that C.K. might sue anyone who shares his jokes online.

Recordings of his new material from an attempted comeback tour have emerged, which is likely indicative of why his camp decided to release the notice. According to IndieWire, six of C.K.’s eight Minneapolis shows have sold out.