On August 23, Angel Has Fallen—the third film in the Olympus Has Fallen series—hits theaters, and it looks like one of the most insane rides we'll get this summer that doesn't involve humongous monsters or super powered beings. Gerard Butler returns as Secret Service Agent Mike Banning, but this time, instead of being the hunter, he's the hunted.

In Angel Has Fallen, Banning comes out of the events of 2016's London Has Fallen on top, being promoted to the head of the Secret Service by President Allan Trumbull (Morgan Freeman) himself. Things look cool until they aren't, and a massive drone strike attempts to take President Trumbull's life. Surprisingly, Banning is framed for attempted murder, and while the FBI is on his tale, he has to figure out who's trying to frame him, as well as figure out how to keep the President safe.

What results is a massive manhunt for Banning, which leads to all kinds of bullets flying and explosions, all in the name of protection. If you peeped the previous two films, you should be charged up for the action-packed mayhem that'll encompass Angel Has Fallen. In a summer that's packed with what might not feel like "traditional" summer blockbusters, it's good to see Angel Has Fallen looks like an insane ride for those who want intensely real world-feeling scenarios. Check out the full trailer up above.