We are just a mere four days away from the Season 8 series premiere of Game of Thrones, and as anticipation continues to grow for the long-awaited return of the hit HBO show, the adult film industry is looking to jump on that wave with their own parody film. 

Earlier today, the trailer for Wood Rocket's Game of Bones 2: Winter Came Everywhere was released, and it features all the typical components that you would expect to see from this particular genre of adult film. The first set piece we see is the Wall, which is obviously not made of ice, but rather...we'll let you figure that one out. There are those usually terrible tongue-in-cheek character name changes, such as Jon Snow is Jon Blow (get it?), and Lord Baelish, better known as Little Finger, is Big Finger. 

This trailer for the follow-up to 2013's Game of BonesWinter Is Cumming also includes a bit of political humor referencing the border wall that Donald Trump has been trying to get built throughout his presidency. "I remember hearing about the Mad King promising its followers that the Wildlings would pay for this Wall," the parody Tormund recalls. "And it quickly became a symbol for White Walker nationalism," the parody Sansa Stark responds. 

Despite Thrones' unapologetically exploring plots that involve incest, Game of Bones 2 is more aware of how problematic that can be, so their version of Daenerys openly admits that she would prefer Jon Blow be seen as her step nephew.

Check out the trailer above.