Game of Thrones took over New York City Wednesday for the season 8 premiere event, which saw Jason Momoa speaking out about just how serious co-star Emilia Clarke's recently revealed health scares were.

"I've kind of been a part of that whole situation for a very long time, so we've had so many scares and trying to find the right way to come out and help," Momoa told Entertainment Tonight. "I just think it's beautiful that...she's so brave in helping the world and trying to raise awareness."

In a New Yorker op-ed in March, Clarke wrote extensively and candidly for the first time about surviving two aneurysms during the Thrones years. "At some level, I knew what was happening: my brain was damaged," she said, looking back on a fateful experience she had during a session with a trainer in 2011 that ultimately resulted in the realization that an aneurysm had occurred. Among the items Clarke used at the time to "keep my memory alive" were Daenerys Targaryen lines from Thrones.

Momoa said Wednesday he was "very sad" about what Clarke went through, specifically noting the severity of the first incident. "I'm very sad, because we almost lost her the first time," he said, adding that his longtime co-star will "do great things" with her platform related to those living with brain injuries.

As she revealed in her op-ed, Clarke has helped develop the SameYou initiative, which assists in procuring treatment for those in recovery from a stroke or other brain-related life event.

Thrones begins its final descent April 14 with a David Nutter-directed episode. A little over one month later, the Benioff and Weiss-helmed series finale will be released into the collective consciousness.

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