Since transitioning into an accomplished movie director/producer, Jordan Peele has traded in his jovial comedic persona for equally entertaining, dark storytelling. Although the switch seemed seamless, sometimes Peele says things that have fans wondering if these chilling thoughts were floating around in his head while he was dishing out laughs on Key & Peele. An example of these moments would be the director's recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, where Peele explained why he chose to make scissors the weapon of choice in his upcoming movie, Us.

Peele began by displaying his love for the genre and how the scissors are an homage to all the great horror films.

"The scissors are an iconic piece of horror imagery that has been used in other films," Peele explained. "But, I felt like I wanted to sort of honor that weapon in the best way I could in this film. Sort of make it the central image."

The director then went on to give viewers a peek into his sinister creativity that helped add innovation to this classic item while also advancing the theme of the movie. 

"There's a duality to scissors, both literally and physically," Peele said. "They're a whole made up of two parts, but also they lie in this territory between the mundane and the absolutely terrifying."

This idea of having two sides or a fight within yourself seems to be the overt focus of the movie. But, like the scissors or his terrifying rendition of The Luniz's "I Got 5 On It," Peele says there are subtle messages in the movie that will resonate on different levels based on the viewer's experiences.

"There are things that I'm exploring and trying to say with this film all relating to our duality as human beings," Peele closed. "The guilt and sins we bury deep within ourselves."