Former child actor Joey Gaydos Jr. is facing multiple felonies for allegedly stealing music equipment.

According to TMZ, Gaydos is in custody for his hand in stealing three guitars and an amplifier. Per reports, Gaydos would go to local music stores, ask to test the instruments/equipment, then leave without paying. This weird plan of attack combined with trying to drop the hot merchandise at pawn shops resulted in Gaydos being arrested four times in the last five weeks. 

To add a hint of irony to the story, Gaydos is best known for his role in the 2003 film School of Rock. Like in real life, Gaydos' character, Zack "Zack-Attack", Mooneyham had a knack for playing the guitar. In the film, Gaydos' character wrote the song that the makeshift rock group performs at the climactic Battle of the Bands. In addition, Gaydos' father is a well-known musician in the Detroit-area.

But Gaydos' days as Zack-Attack seem to be long gone. Now, the 27-year-old's alleged drug problem has him facing four felony counts of larceny and grand theft. He is said to have stolen over $3,000 worth of merchandise from various businesses. As of now, it is unclear what Gaydos could be facing if convicted.

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