Kevin Hart finally put the idea of hosting the Oscars to bed on Wednesday, as the actor confirmed that the topic will get "no more energy" from him.

Terry Crews, who appeared alongside Kevin Hart in 2004's Soul Plane, stopped by BuzzFeed News' AM to DM to discuss a plethora of topics, often circling back to the theme of men needing to take accountability for their actions.

Around the 42-minute mark in the video above, Crews was asked about his position on the Kevin Hart situation and if he did enough to listen to the LGBTQIA+ community. "It's wild because he feels like he's being attacked," Crews responded. "He is right to feel the way he feels... you react the way you feel. He feels he's being attacked. But the truth is, he's not."

The Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor continued to explain that it is Hart's responsibility to acknowledge the feelings of those offended by his tweets of old. "You have to acknowledge what went on and acknowledge the pain of other people." He later acknowledged the public's role in contributing to Kevin's stance (the Academy Awards were pressured to rescind Kevin Hart's appointment as host after discovering the tweets), but asserted that an empathetic approach was the proper way to handle the situation.

To Crews, the controversy surrounding Kevin Hart may be a callback to a previous incident involving the former being groped by talent agent. Crews filed a lawsuit against the agent and settled, followed by accepting his apology, but was criticized and ridiculed for his method of retaliation. He addressed this criticism in a tweet that went viral.

As for Kevin (who apologized for his now-deleted tweets), he recently visited The Late Show to further explain his reasoning for ultimately turning down the Oscars. "At that moment, when you know that you’ve given your all to try to please and it’s still not received, you have to make a decision to go, ‘I’m done trying to please,’” he said.