Kim Kardashian is so 2000-and-late.

On Tuesday night, the reality TV star shared a brief review of a slept-on Netflix film starring Sandra Bullock.

"Watching Bird Box," she tweeted. "I really like it. Who has seen it?"

Kim was just asking to be trolled, as the question shouldn't be. "who has seen it?"; but rather, "who hasn't seen it?"

Even Chrissy Teigen had to take a slight jab:

Since its release on Dec. 21, Bird Box became one 2018's most-talked about films. Netflix said about 45 million accounts watched the post-apocalyptic film within its first week, marking a new record on the streaming platform. Though it's difficult to verify Netflix's claims (the company keeps its viewership ratings private), anyone with an internet connection can tell you Bird Box is a pop culture phenomenon.

The movie has inspired countless memes, as well as a viral challenge in which people are called to perform everyday tasks while blindfolded.  

Netflix has issued a warning about the potentially dangerous challenge: "Please do not hurt yourselves," the company tweeted Wednesday.

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