Even though he has had a successful acting career, David Arquette has recently re-sparked his wrestling career. Of course, the pivot has his loved ones concerned.

"It scares me a little bit. We're all scared as a family," David's sister, actress Patricia Arquette, told TMZ. "But also, I know this is David's life and David is an eccentric, wonderful, incredible person, and it's his path."

Patricia also mentioned that she's too scared to watch her 47-year-old brother potentially hurt himself during a match. It's a fair concern: In November 2018, Arquette was embroiled in a death match against in L.A.'s Game Changer Wrestling league. Arquette suffered a cut to the neck, and he'd leave the ring stained by his blood.

But not all of Arquette's matches have been this graphic. While wrestling in the National Wrestling Alliance earlier this month, Arquette won a closely contested 2-1 hair match by shaving his opponent's scalp. 

Wrestling has been one of David's passions for a while. David had a brief stint in the WCW mainly to promote his 2000 movie Born to Rumble, but he did hold the WCW heavyweight championship in the process.

Arquette isn't completely stepping away from Hollywood, though. He stars in the porn drama Mope, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival to critical acclaim.