Video games have a negative reputation as a loner's pursuit; many assume that gamers must eschew human contact in order to excel at their hobby of choice. But gaming is whatever the player makes of it; sure, you can spend your time buried in single-player campaigns, but plenty of players enjoy joining up with their friends for some co-op action.

The most common co-op is via online multiplayer. But there's also old school "couch co-op," where both players share the same TV—usually a split screen—and cooperate side-by-side. It's a callback to coin-operated arcade games, where you would team up to take down the Foot Clan, or Mr. Burns' henchmen, or an army of velociraptors. And although couch co-op is rarer now than it's ever been, there are some new games that prefer and encourage the old way of teaming up.

Here are the 25 best co-op video games to play with friends.