All Mid90s writer/director Jonah Hill will say is his next endeavor is in clothing.

At least, that's the gist of what the noted innovator said during a recent GQ panel. "All I will say is my next endeavor is in clothing," he said

In the journalism world, I believe this is a prime example of what's commonly referred to as Great Fucking News. Hill's most recent act of fashion prowess saw the repeatedly proven multi-hyphenate very accurately crowning Shia LaBeouf the god of the fit. "He is the fit god, I mean, he's just, I don't have anything on him," Hill famously said during an episode of The Only Podcast That Matters back in October. "I'm a proud No. 2."

The extended Mid90s (seriously go see the movie) press trek has included a seeming marathon of similarly fascinating bits on a variety of topics crucial to Hill's work, including '90s hip-hop history and his deeply personal relationship with Kanye West's discography. "It gets harder and harder to have these fucking arguments with people," he previously told Pitchfork of spending West's Trump era as a loyal fan, noting that West either "needs to land this or apologize."

Last month, Hill declared Travis Scott's ASTROWORLD "might be the album of the year."

Anyway, to reiterate,

see Mid90s. It's worth effort and admission.