Jonah Hill, whose excellent directorial debut Mid90s is currently in theaters and definitely worth both your time and your money, has super understandably high words of praise for Travis Scott's ASTROWORLD.

Tucked into a new interview with GQ's Zach Baron for the magazine's Men of the Year festivities, Hill is described as taking over a nearby stereo and putting on La Flame. "This might be the album of the year," he told Baron.


That's all the Trav talk that made into the highly recommended article, but it adds to comments Hill previously gave during his Genius x For the Record chat.

In that interview, published in October, Hill detailed how he thought ASTROWORLD marked the moment Scott's music had caught up with the punkish vibe of his live shows and the unparalleled energy of his fanbase:

Elsewhere in the new GQ piece, Hill again discussed the current difficulties of being a Kanye fan, his impeccable style intuition, and more. Check it.

In an accompanying video feature, Hill was asked to give a breakdown of what they deemed his "most iconic' characters including classic turns in 21 Jump Street, The Wolf of Wall Street, and more.

Addressing his on-set goal of trying to get Superbad co-star to laugh during takes, Hill noted that no such laughter occurred until he let loose a sneeze. "I could never break him," he said. "He's so good. I could just never get him to laugh in a scene. And then one time, I just sneezed and he started cracking up. I was so frustrated that that's what got him to laugh, like, something I didn't even mean to do...I was trying for, like, two months to make him laugh in a scene and then a sneeze is all it took."

Mid90s is out now. See it, squidbrains.