It seems nostalgia may be knocking on our doors for the 500th time this year, as reports of a collaboration between Pokémon and the beloved '90s toy Tamagotchi have surfaced.

Serebii pointed out the leak, which came in the form of promotional material for the pocket-sized toys. Images of two Eevee-themed editions of the Tamgotchi Nano, one brown and one pink (dubbed "Colorful Friends"), were displayed. While Pokémon has released their own pocket pets (Pocket Pikachu), this collab would make for a great moment in time.

Tamagotchis bestowed upon children the opportunity (sometimes fun, other times not so much) of caring for a digital pet. One was charged with the task of providing proper attention to the avatars (such as feeding and cleaning), and the life of the pet was ultimately determined by said actions. This new set of Tamagotchis would allow owners the chance to help Eevee evolve into one of its eight variations, depending on the type of care given.

The existence of the toys would nicely complement the upcoming releases of Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Pokémon: Let's Go, Eevee! which are both due out on Nov. 16. The upcoming Nintendo Switch titles rework the popular Nintendo Game Boy staple Pokémon Yellow, but also add features of the widely popular Pokémon Go app.

The success of the Pokémon franchise has transcended generations, as the brand continues to resonate with children and adults alike. The smartphone app has spawned everything from festivals (which can easily draw over 20,000 patrons) to live-action films. Though the Tamagotchi collab hasn't been confirmed, fans can at least semi-reasonably dream it will come to fruition.