Jonah Hill has been dropping gems left and right ahead of the release of his directorial debut Mid90s, which looks to be a very strong debut indeed. Just last week, he deemed Shia LaBeouf the god of the fit. Now, in a new one for Pitchfork, the fellow frustrated Kanye West appreciator has shared his thoughts on West's recent marathon of vomitous MAGA embraces and what it means for fans moving forward.

"It's a hard one right now, but of course I still love Kanye," Hill said when discussing his affinity for the West-sampled Omega track "Gyöngyhajú lány" for the publication's Pitch segment. "He's the artist of my generation. My friends and I have a Kanye chain—it's been very dormant recently, but we did a top five Kanye songs, and my No. 1 was 'Power.'"

At the moment, however, Hill has found the West topic comes up in interviews more than ever. The prominent attendee of the Ye bonfire premiere in Wyoming still sounds optimistic but is fully aware of the ongoing consequences of West's MAGAing. "But at this point, people ask me about him all the time, and I just say to them, 'He either needs to land this or apologize, because I have Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up, and my sister's [Lady Bird's Beanie Feldstein] not having it, and I'm exhausted,'" he said. "It gets harder and harder to have these fucking arguments with people."

Hill added that he's known West for "a long time," even "almost" helming three West videos, but he admittedly doesn't know "what the fuck this whole thing's about." For more on what Hill's been listening to recently, including Harry Nilsson and George Frideric Handel, click here.

Next up, Hill will return to Saturday Night Live as host alongside musical guest Maggie Rogers.