Mid90s is out now in select cities and goes wide this Friday. It's really fucking good and you should see it at your earliest convenience. One added bonus of all this Mid90s promo, of course, has been the consistent stream of Jonah Hill interviews in which the writer/director goes deep on his love of music, skateboarding, and more.

Perhaps the deepest is the chat Hill shared with Genius. In addition to a more traditional conversational interview, Hill also took the Mid90s Hip-Hop Quiz. "I'd say my love appreciation reverence for the golden era, boom-bap era, of hip-hop is so deep and so profound and it's a huge part of who I am," Hill said before launching into the questions. The quiz included trivia bits on Wu-Tang Clan, Coolio, Xzibit, OutKast, Jay-Z, the Fugees, Missy Elliott, DJ Premier, Camp Lo, and more. Catch that clip above.

Hill, during his appearance on Genius' For the Record, also revealed his top 5 including Kendrick Lamar and Gang Starr. 

In his Mid90s-accompanying zine Inner Children, Hill chose DJ Premier as one of 12 people he interviewed about their younger years. "My mom's dad, Grandfather Bill from Brooklyn, we used to always go visit him every summer," Premier said when asked to talk about the moment he realized he wanted to make music. "He was in a jazz band and he used to show me all these pictures of all the places he had been to in Europe. And I was like, 'You traveled to all these places?' And he'd show him picking with Count Basie and these other people. And I was like, 'Wow, I'd love to do that, just to go all over the world.'"