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We don't spend nearly enough time talking about how André 3000 smiles like a ray of sunlight. One lucky fun got to experience that ethereal beam firsthand when she ran into 3 Stacks coming out of a coffee shop in Manhattan.

“Walking down a silent block in Soho - Andre 3k (my mf hero) walks out of a coffee shop as I’m passing,” a woman named Tiana shared on her Twitter.

Not only did Tiana happen to run into her favorite celebrity, she serendipitously was wearing a shirt with André on it, getting the artist just as hype as she was. He even took a couple solo shots of her sporting the shirt. “One of the most exciting parts about this moment was that he actually took two photos of me posing in the shirt,” she wrote. Imagine going about your life, knowing that half of the legendary Outkast has photos of you on his iPhone.

For those of you wondering where to get your hands on that shirt—and increase your chances of André 3000 taking photos of you—Tiana hooked everyone up with a link. The photo features him in his now iconic reunion tour jumpsuit that reads "Across cultures, darker people suffer more. Why?"

It seems that 3K is definitely no stranger to stopping and taking beaming photos with fans walking around New York. If you're in the city, keep your eyes peeled. You never know where he might be.