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In case y’all didn’t already know, Jonah Hill loves Kanye. On Tuesday night, he stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! to promote his new movie Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot, and revealed just how much of a Ye stan he is.

During a 7 a.m. meeting with producer Scott Rudin for Hill’s directorial debut Mid-90s, the Superbad legend received an email inviting him to Wyoming for Kanye’s infamous listening party. With Rudin’s blessing to skip the meeting, Hill hopped on a plane and ran into 2 Chainz and Fabolous, also on their way to hear Ye. 

“We take a plane to Wyoming and the airport is like, us and like 2 Chainz and like was really this epic, legendary thing,” he explained. “And we get to this hotel and it's the nicest hotel you've ever seen, but it's mad couples on their honeymoons. So it's couples on their honeymoons and Tity Boi and Charlamagne. It was the craziest shit. I ate buffalo."

But not everyone was hyped about Jonah’s trip up north. “I didn’t realize it was controversial to go support Kanye at that time,” he said. “Like my sister didn’t speak to me for a week because he had worn a MAGA hat and shit.”

The actor hasn't given up on Kanye, though, explaining he doesn't "bail on people right away. People fuck up and do stupid stuff. You shouldn’t bail on everybody right away...This guy has given me so much. He's my guy.”

Hill also dished on his intense karate sessions with Don't Worry co-star Joaquin Phoenix, and surprising fans on Jonah Hill Day. Check out those clips below.