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One month after Netflix announced Daredevil season 3 will arrive on the platform before the end of the year, Marvel dropped a cryptic message about Hell's Kitchen's famed vigilante on Twitter.

In the post, there's a clip of Matt Murdock's missing person's poster with New York's busy streets seen in the background. "? @Daredevil" reads the tweet that coincides with it. SPOILERS: If you watched The Defenders, you'll remember Daredevil sacrificed himself at the end of the series and is presumed to be dead.

There must be somebody out there who believes Murdock isn't a goner, but that person is not Jessica Jones. The Twitter account for the jaded hero chimed in with a response:

"What's wrong with keeping home alive?" read a reply from Luke Cage's account. "Yeah, the city needs more guys like him," read another tweet from Iron Fist's page.

But Jones wasn't having it. "That doesn't make him any less dead," it read.

Deadline reports Marvel will be announcing news (and hopefully dropping a trailer) about Daredevil during New York Comic Con next month. But one thing seems for certain, Daredevil won't be "missing" for much longer.