Iron Fist will be facing off against a familiar face in season two.

In the new trailer released for the Marvel/Netflix series, Danny Rand comes glowing-fist-to-glowing-fist with Davos, who has turned into the villain Steel Serpent (at least that's his alter-ego's name in the comics). Davos, played by Sacha Dhawan, appeared in the first season of Iron Fist when he tried to bring Rand back to Ku'n-Lun. Danny refused since he was still solely focused on getting revenge, but Davos had other plans in mind.

After seeing that Ku'n-Lun got destroyed, Davos went and killed a previous Iron Fist and is now sporting a glowing red fist as opposed to Rand's yellow one. "I have become the thing you never had the strength to be," says Davos in the trailer. 

It's definitely strange he says he "didn't ask to be the Iron Fist" when he's constantly bragged about fighting Shou-Lao to become the Iron Fist. Side eye.

The season's synopsis gives a little inside on what's going on in Davos' mind as well: "Blaming Danny for K’un-Lun’s tragic fate, Davos swears to avenge their lost city, and reignites a sibling rivalry of sorts over the duties linked with wielding the legendary Iron Fist."

Jessica Henwick's Colleen Wing and Simone Missick's Misty Knight also make appearances in the trailer, which will hopefully lead to a highly anticipated spin-off series, Daughters of the Dragon. But as we wait for that, Iron Fist will arrive on the streaming platform on Sept. 7.