Suicide Squad didn't get rave reviews while it was in theaters but at least one person is happy the film came to fruition and made over $746 million worldwide.

Comic book writer Jai Nitz, who co-created the fire-wielding character El Diablo that appeared in the DC film, says the character's appearance in the film rolled over in enough royalties for him to buy a house.

"Did you like El Diablo in @DavidAyerMovies Suicide Squad? Good. Because it just bought me a house," read his tweet with a photo of him in front of his newly bought home he's dubbed Casa Del Diablo.

While there's been talk of a Suicide Squad 2, it's unlikely El Diablo, portrayed by Jay Hernandez, will make an appearance since he sacrificed himself for the team in the first film. However, many characters have taken on the mantle of El Diablo: Lazarus Lane in 1970's All-Star Western #2; Rafael Sandoval who first appeared in 1989's El Diablo vol. 2 #1; and Chato Santana who came to fruition in 2008's El Diablo vol. 3 #1. Santana, who appears in the film, is the one co-created by Nitz and Phil Hester.

As for Suicide Squad 2, Heroes screenwriter Todd Stashwick is slated to write the script.

"I really can not say anything [about where we are with the script]," he told Comicbook. "I can say that we have been working hard to craft something that we're really proud of, and a story we want to tell."