Aired: 1989-1990
Standout episodes: "The Seinfeld Chronicles," "The Stake Out," "The Stock Tip"

If there was ever a case for allowing a series—especially a sitcom—space to grow and find itself, season one of The Seinfeld Chronicles would be the leading example. These aren't "bad" episodes of TV in any way, but the tone (quasi-normal Kramer is always a startling sight) and execution are so, so far away from what the show would become, and become famous for. If, by chance, there existed some poor soul who had never seen the show and was interested in watching chronologically, it'd be hard to even argue this season as essential viewing. The only real standout, is "The Stake Out," the episode that presented Jerry, with help from George, trying to solve a very real and relatable problem with a very wacky solution. The whole season has potential, but "Stake Out" bears the most resemblance to the Seinfeld we know and love. How coincidental then, that it's also the first time we "meet" the very crucial Art Vandelay? —Frazier Tharpe